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The Atlet Pitcher's Go Bag is the complete kit for year-round training for pitchers and includes: 


  • Atlet PlyoBalls - 7oz, 14oz, and 2lb ball for enhanced upper body proprioception and mechanics, warm up, and off-season velocity training. 
  • Atlet Leather Weighted Baseballs - 6oz and 4oz game comparable leather weighted baseballs to be used for off-season overload / underload velocity trianing or in-season weighted implement accuracy training and warm up before bullpens to promote consistent release points and adjustability with mechanics off the mound. 
  • Clean Fuego 8oz - Designed to promote better finger pressure / release point feel for increased spin efficiency across all pitches. The 8oz Cleand Fuego offers a greater feel and proprioceptive awareness for enhancing spin efficiency over the 5oz model. 
  • Atlet Mini-Bands - Heavy and Extra Heavy mini resistance bands for athlete warm up and activation before throwing. Use for lower body or upper body activation. 
  • Training Videos - Example videos and recommended programming for all products are offered at so athletes and coaches can apply each product for maximum results. 
  • Atlet Drawstring Bag - Store all your tools in one place and make them portable for year-round use away from the Atlet training facility. 

Atlet PlyoBalls

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