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The Atlet Hitter's Go Bag Standard includes all  basic activation and recovery needs as well as the Diamond Kinetics bat sensor with bat mounts for year-round training for hitters and includes: 


  • Baker Bat Atlet Series Diamond Kinetics Smart Bat - Choose Your Baker Atlet Series wood bat model and style and we will convert it to a Diamond Kinetics compatible chip ready smart bat so you can use your wood bat in practice, live AB's, or scrimmages to gather real time data. 
  • Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker - SwingTracker's cutting­-edge technology brings science­-based motion analytics to the baseball swing. Easy-to-understand metrics, data and swing analysis give you powerful information right at your fingertips.
    • Metrics Dashboard: View your latest session averages/maximums for primary pitches. Analyze Applied Power, Impact Momentum, Max Acceleration, Max Hand Speed, Max Barrel Speed, Speed Efficiency, Trigger to Impact Time, Attack Angle, Hand Cast Distance, Distance in the Zone, Hand Path. 
    • Video & Data Sync: Capture video of your motion to see how body motion affects key swing metrics.
    • Damage Potential: Estimate the potential maximum exit velocity and ball carry distance for each swing, assuming perfect ‘sweet spot’ contact. Ideal for work in the cage.
    • Swing Fingerprint: A personalized swing analysis visualized through a 3-D heat map – showing a hitter’s hot and cold zones. Swing Fingerprint empowers focused instruction to drive a more productive plate approach.
    • History & Trends: View your complete swing history and trends — are you improving?
  • Baker Atlet Series Overload / Underload Bats - Overload / Underload training at 20% weight variants has been a historically proven method of training to enhance overall bat speed for since Dr. Coope DeRenne first analyzed it's effects in the 1990's. Atlet Overload / Underload wood bats powered by Baker Bats are designed to enhance overall bat speed a much more affordabe cost to the athlete than rival speed trainers on the market.Includes:
    • One 20% Overload Maple Pro Cut Wood Bat One 20% Underload Mape Pro Cut Wood Bat
    • Choose the Same Bat Length as your Game Bat
    • Not Intended for Machine Use or In-Game Use
  • Atlet Mini-Bands - Heavy and Extra Heavy mini resistance bands for athlete warm up and activation before activity. Use for lower body or upper body activation. 
  • Atlet High Density Travel Foam Roller - Black travel high grade recovery foam roller for firm massage intensity.
  • Atlet Massage Recovery Ball - High density for extra durability lacrosse massage ball.
  • Training Videos - Example videos and recommended programming for all products are offered at so athletes and coaches can apply each product for maximum results. 
  • Atlet Drawstring Bag - Store all your tools in one place and make them portable for year-round use away from the Atlet training facility. 

Atlet Hitter's Training Pack Elite

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